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About Us

Since 2008 our goal was create the best possible water ionizer at the best possible price.  We have accomplished that goal.  With headquarters in Glendale, CA, Hydrent has been creating the finest water ionizers in the industry for over 6 years.

By licensing technologies from world renowned water ionizer companies, were are now utilizing advanced components that are second to none.  Simplicity, beauty and performance are what separates the Hydrent Water Ionizer brand from the competition.

To keep costs down, we leveraged advanced manufacturing methods to efficiently utilize raw materials and cutting edge components.  For example, instead of creating a 7-plate water ionizer, we simply made our plates larger and thicker than our competitors. This allowed us to get more surface area out of 3 or 5 plates than our competitors can out of 7 plates.  Another example of this is our SMPS Plus power system.  Most companies use an SMPS, so we added additional functionality including full adjustability for all source waters and the final result is amazing.

With Hydrent, you can rest assured knowing that your family has the cleanest and healthiest drinking water with an alkaline pH and tons of oxygen and antioxidants.

We understand ionization at its core.  

Our focus is the health and well-being of you and your family. We are here before, during and after the sale to help in every way we can. We appreciate you considering Hydrent, and we are here and happy to assist you in every way possible when you need us.

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