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Water Ionizer Benefits

  • 6 Hidden Dangers in Your Water…
    Hydrent Can Help

  • Danger 1

    Contains contaminants:

    The EPA reports more than 60,000 chemicals are used within our nation's tap water.

    The New York Times states that over 62 million Americans have been exposed to tap water that is below government health guidelines.

    The Risk Factors

    Impurities in your source water can be dangerous. It is important to drink pure water that is contaminant-free.

    The Solution

    Hydrent PurifiesHOW?
  • Danger 2

    Lacks electrolytes:

    Filtered water or water that is purified through a reverse osmosis system that has not been ionized is dangerous for consumption (see dead water).

    The Risk Factors

    When water is ionized through electrolysis, it contains natural electrolytes that your body craves to stay active and alert.

    The Solution

    Hydrent IonizesHOW?
  • Danger 3

    Holds an acidic pH:

    "Consuming too many beverages and foods with an acidic pH leads to acidosis and causes a multitude of dangerous health issues over time." -Dr. Sang Whang, Inventor, Engineer, Scientist & Author of Reverse Aging

    The Risk Factors

    Maintaining an alkaline pH is imperative to good health because too much acidity in the body causes disease and acid erosion. The Hydrent water ionizer provides you with a healthy alkaline pH for drinking. Plus, the Hydrent provides acidic pH level functions for external skincare and beauty needs, as well as neutral levels for other uses.

    The Solution

    Hydrent Adjusts pHHOW?
  • Danger 4

    Carries an oxidizing charge:

    Water and food that is devoid of antioxidants are oxidizing. Oxidizing substances produce free radicals in the body that break down normal human tissue to cause cell inflammation. Cell inflammation that is left unchecked leads to aging and triggers disease. Visualize an apple turning brown after you peel it—that's called oxidation and works the same way as the aging process. Antioxidants stop oxidation from occurring and Hydrent alkaline water contains antioxidants.

    The Risk Factors

    Doctors and experts agree that antioxidants are essential to maintaining good health because they fight the harmful effects of free radical damage in the body. Free radicals contribute to aging and the inception of diseased cells. Keep free radicals in check by drinking antioxidant-rich water, like Hydrent alkaline water.

    The Solution

    Hydrent Adds AntioxidantsHOW?
  • Danger 5

    Halts hydration:

    Ordinary water has a molecular cluster-size that is so large that it can barely penetrate into our cells, tissue and muscles. Therefore, it leaves our bodies in a constant state of dehydration.

    The Risk Factors

    Hydrent's delicious, alkaline ionized water goes through a unique electrolysis process that shrinks down large water clusters. Smaller water clusters easily penetrate through cell walls to keep us super hydrated and feeling great.

    The Solution

    Hydrent Shrinks Water MoleculesHOW?
  • Danger 6

    Lacks essential minerals:

    73% of Americans drink water that lacks the essential minerals that our bodies need. Most of the bottled and filtered water that’s available has had these minerals stripped away. Mineral-deficient water leaves our bodies at risk by causing the body to react
    by robbing these minerals from our bones or organs.

    The Risk Factors

    Water is the best way to transport essential minerals like calcium and magnesium to our cells. Therefore, it is best to drink water that is mineral-rich like Hydrent.

    The Solution

    Hydrent Maintains Healthy MineralsHOW?

What is a Hydrent Water Ionizer?

A water ionizer is an electronic device that creates ionized alkaline water…

What is ionized alkaline water?

An electric ionizer creates ionized alkaline water, but a non-electric "ionizer" can only create alkaline water, not ionized. To create ionized water you need electricity. In the industry, the terms alkaline water and ionized water are used interchangeably, even though they are different. Also, a non-electric "ionizer" is not an ionizer at all, it is an "alkalizer". This is important to note because the companies who sell non-electrics call them ionizers, but it's false advertising

What is alkaline water?

Alkaline water is the best water in the world for health because…

How is ionized alkaline water different from the following?

  • Reverse osmosis waterHOW?
  • Filtered waterHOW?
  • Bottled waterHOW?
  • Bottled alkaline waterHOW?

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