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  • What Are the Benefits of Alkaline Water?
    Why is Hydrent Alkaline Water So Much Better?

  • What is a Hydrent Water Ionizer?

    A Hydrent Water Ionizer produces the healthiest water you can drink.

    How is Hydrent Water Different?
    Many people think: “Water is water.” and “All water is the same.” Well if you have ever had a pet fish, then you would know that these statements are simply not true.
    Yes! Water is good for us, but only when water is good quality!

    Just like fish, humans benefit from a certain type of water. For optimal health, your drinking water should:

    1. 1. Have a healthy alkaline pH
    2. 2. Be oxygenated
    3. 3. Be clean and pure
    4. 4 .Contain beneficial ionized minerals
    5. 5. Have antioxidants
    6. 6. Be more hydrating than ordinary water

    Does such perfect water exist?
    Does it come straight from your tap or from standard bottled or “spring” water?

    So Where Does Such Amazingly Healthy Water Come From?
    A Hydrent water ionizer produces this amazingly healthy water. It’s water that is ionized and alkaline and contains all of the health-bearing properties listed above.
    Sound too good to be true?
    It’s not!

    Here is a list of the five best benefits that you will experience with the Hydrent alkaline water system:

    1. Hydroxyl ions eliminate free radicals - All doctors and health professionals know that antioxidants neutralize free radicals to help protect against aging and disease. Hydrent water contains anti-oxidizing properties. The extra oxygen molecules that hydroxyl ions possess attach themselves to dangerous free radicals - effectively neutralizing them.

    2. Fresh alkaline water contains the most hydroxyl ions - The hydroxyl ions that you’re paying for in bottled water only last 18-24 hours. As you can imagine, most of them are gone by the time you get them home and consume them. A fresh source that you can drink from right away is the key to experiencing the true benefits of alkaline water.

    3. It helps you achieve better pH balance in the body - Modern diets are full of high acidic foods. You can combat this by eating lots of raw vegetables and fruits, or you can just drink the fresh, ionized alkaline water coming out of your Hydrent Water Ionizer.

    4. Truly hydrate yourself quickly - It has been found that alkaline water can hydrate your body up to six times quicker than conventional water. This is because the shape of the water molecules is changed to be more compact, and easier to absorb quickly.

    5. You no longer have to haul bottled alkaline water from the store to your home - Imagine all the time and effort you’ll save by having an alkaline water system right in your home. Those bottles aren’t light when you carry a case of 24, or a large water dispenser bottle.

  • People are raving about the remarkable benefits from their Hydrent water ionizer!

    “I lost weight since I started drinking Hydrent water.”

    “I have more energy than ever.”

    “My acid reflux is gone. I’m dumbfounded by how fast it worked.”

    “People tell me my skin is so smooth and radiant now.”

    “My workouts are a lot easier to get through without the soreness. Thanks Hydrent.”

    Don’t wait to start reaping your own benefits. Call our alkaline water experts now. Remember, our easy payment special won’t last long.

How Does Our Hydrent Water Ionizer Work?

  1. The Hydrent water ionizer easily hooks to your tap.
  2. The Hydrent water ionizer will purify your tap water by micro-filtering it through its technically advanced, dual filtration system that incorporates ceramic, carbon, and UF mesh, purifying the water by removing the harmful chemicals.
  3. Next, it will separate your water into two separate alkaline and acidic segments. You control which type of water is dispensed. Choose alkaline pH water for drinking, and acidic pH water for external use.

You can turn your tap water into an unlimited supply of alkaline water reap all the health benefits with your very own Hydrent water ionizer.

Acidic pH Water Benefits

Did you know that a Hydrent water ionizer offers a special added advantage? Your Hydrent water ionizer will produce acidic pH water too. Having the ability to produce acidic water at your tap is so convenient and so useful. Plus, it will save you money too because you can replace many household products with acidic water.

What Is Acidic Water Used For?

Acidic water can be used as an anti-bacterial and cleansing agent for external use.Hydrent acidic water can be used for topical skin applications such as managing the symptoms of acne or minor scrapes. It also soothes dry skin. Moreover, the sanitizing properties of acidic water also make it an effective household cleaning agent.

  • Ionized Alkaline Water-A Health-Giving Miracle

    We all know that we must drink lots of water to survive. The Hydrent water ionizer is helping people optimize the health benefits that they can get from a simple glass of water, all while providing pure, clean and fresh tasting water. There’s no additives, no salt is added that would increase your sodium levels and no tricks - just the very water that you need to survive, conveniently coming right of your very own tap.

    So join the millions of people who made the choice to ditch expensive bottled water. Turn your tap water into an unlimited supply of healthy alkaline water today with a Hydrent water ionizer, and begin getting all the amazingly healthy benefits that you and your family deserve…one delicious glass at a time.

    Speak with a Hydrent dealer today about getting a Hydrent alkaline water system in your home. Then experience for yourself the remarkable benefits of pure, ionized alkaline water.

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