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Important notes for first-time filter use

  1. Before using the new TYgo for the first time, cover and soak the filter cartridge in water for five minutes.
    Soak for 5 minutes

  2. Shake the filter in this water four to five times.

  3. Replace this filter into the TYgo and flush it two to three times more until any filter medium particles in the water have disappeared. Use this flushing water on plants or elsewhere, but not for drinking.

  4. Do not use the TYgo with biologically unsafe water sources. It is primarily designed for municipal tap water.

Directions of use

Directions of use - guide 1

Open the funnel cap and remove the filter holder cap.

Directions of use - guide 1

Place the funnel cap into the filter holder. Fill the TYgo with water and watch it pass through the filter. Once done, close the filter holder cap.

TYgo hints from practical experience

  • Don't go travelling without it. Water supply quality varies wildly from location to location and you may find you regret not having the TYgo with you, and then do not hydrate adequately.
  • When travelling with a full TYgo, ensure the blue cap that seals the water is firmly in place, or it will leak.
  • If you prefer not to drink direct from the TYgo, or if the one TYgo is providing drinking water for more than one person, use it to top up your favorite drinking water bottles, preferably inert, clean glass.
  • You will save considerable time and money by not having to buy bottled water from a shop each day.
  • When the water flow through the TYgo slows down, or if there is a poor taste to the water, it is time to replace the filter cartridge. This may be some time after 800 litres has been put through, though this can vary up or down depending on the chemical load and solids you have been filtering from the source water.
  • Do not let the filter dry out after you have started using the TYgo, store it full if you are not using it.
  • If you have not used the TYgo for several days, flush it out at least once and discard this water.  Be sure to shake the filter to loosen any filter media that may have settled which can cause slow flow through rates.
  • No water filter should be kept longer than 12 months as bacteria may build up to unacceptable levels. Write down and keep the date you started using the TYgo.
  • Don't forget to use the TYgo in the kitchen for cooking, beverages and ice blocks. Pets benefit from good hydration too.
  • You will not contribute to landfill with over consumption of store-bought bottles used once and then thrown out.

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